Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Week 2 Progress

The first week I didn't notice much improvement since I was just trying to get in the swing of things. I've eaten this way before so it wasn't too difficult for me to cut out all of the things that I'm not allowed to eat. I am however, supposed to reduce the amount of pork I'm eating, so I have missed my indulgences in my favorite Rowe Farms bacon.

I have been keeping track of my symptoms in a daily feeling log, where I note changes in my symptoms, energy levels, and how much sleep I'm getting. I've definitely been getting plenty of sleep, which is really important for getting over adrenal fatigue. Most nights I get at least 8 hours or more and I think that has been helping with my energy levels. They seem higher than normal and I feel more energized and focused. Not only that, I'm getting amazing results in my strength gain program and recovery extremely well from workouts. Saturday I did a 5 rep deadlift at 195lbs and my 1 rep max a few months ago was 198!

One other significant improvement had been in my rosacea. Last week I maybe had one flare-up after eating some spicy food but that's it! The first week I was still getting them everyday, but the frequency has noticeably decreased.

I've been trying to make super nutrient dense foods too, and last night I made turkey neck and lamb heart soup! I made chicken broth earlier on in the week and had thawed turkey necks and lamb heart in the fridge that needed to be cooked. I just threw them all together with some celery, sweet potato and herbs de provence and it turned out great! I know you're thinking (mom) eewww heart, but it was way better than you would imagine. If I fed it to you, you wouldn't even question it.

Turkey necks and lamb heart! Cheap and delicious!

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