Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tinea versicolor

For the past seven years my Tinea versicolor rash has been spreading. When it first appeared one summer, I went to the doctors who prescribed me anti-fungal cream and medication which seemed to work temporarily for about a year and repeated a few years later. This past year it's been spreading rampantly and has reached new places, like my upper arms and neck. I'm tired of having these spots all over me! I'm out in the sun in the summer because I row so it's hard to avoid getting a tan, which makes the spots even more visible.

I am now self-conscious wearing tank tops...

Tinea versicolor is a fungal infection caused by the imbalance of a yeast on the skin. Mine has just gone hay-wire and its linked to my Candida overgrowth. Knowing the source of the problem makes me more frustrated about how doctors approach symptoms. All my doctor has ever tried to do for my symptoms was to give me some kind of pill or cream to fix it. They never address how I got it in the first place and how to prevent it from happening again. What annoys me even more was when I try to ask my doctor about advice about changing my diet to fix the problem she just tells me that it's not "western medicine" and she can't help me with that because there's not enough clinically studies to support it and that it's "alternative medicine"...This is why I've started seeing a naturopath and I wish I had have been able to go earlier. Just in my two appointments, I've learned more about my body and health than all the years of visiting my family doctor. It's been an eye-opening experience and I have to thank my boyfriend for taking me!

Hopefully I will begin to see the red parts of my rash begin to fade soon as I continue my current eating patterns, but it will take some for the spots to fade since my tan will have to fade as well. I can't wait for smooth even toned skin again!


  1. hey! i have similar problem on my arms n back, n i have it from 5-6 years now... it has start to itch n now i even hav some lesions on it. can u plz give m some good advice to cure it. i reside in India n m sure i cant go to see the naturopath who has helped u. but really with such marks on my body i feel embarrass to wear tank tops n even sleeveless. Plz help me if u can. i will be grateful.

  2. What happened with your tinea? Did you remain paleo and did it go away? I'm keen to know, thanks.

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