About Me and My Blog

Looking back as I entered my teens I developed a number of skin/health conditions that I didn't think much of at the time. I  just thought of them as unfortunate things that I would have to deal with but weren't life threatening or anything. When I started university I wanted to get healthier so like many other people I tried different things like vegetarianism and the raw food diet. Both were hard for me since I always felt hungry. A year and a half ago I found the paleo diet and it's been a life changer. Over the past year and a half I have done a lot of research about it and believe that it's the healthiest way I could be eating and it works for me. I've learned how to cook and learned way more about my body and how I react to different foods.

Unfortunately I still haven't kicked my sugar cravings and still have my fair share of dessert binges, however I recently found out that I have a sugar cane allergy which is most likely linked to all of my other problems. This new year I'm taking out all of the processed sugar from my diet and strictly following the paleo diet because I'm determined to get as healthy as possible. On my blog I will track my progress and how my health conditions change throughout my journey of getting healthy the natural way!